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March 2020

The chancellor gave his maiden budget statement today. It was a tricky balance between addressing the nation's concerns over Coronavirus and delivering a budget to fund the government's manifesto commitments. There were some interesting developments for CEDOS members and the areas

Women in innovation funding Innovate UK announces new wave of Women in Innovation Awards. More here IED Comments on Govt Coronavirus Response Immediate, medium and longer-term responses assessed by the IED. More here Councils Respond to Coronavirus Buildings closed and meetings cancelled in response to outbreak. More here

PWC Comments on Budget Comments on 'construction, infrastructure and housing' and 'levelling up agenda'. More here Transit-Orientated Success WSP provide framework for Transit-Orientated Development. More here CEBR Travel Ban Predictions CEBR predicts impact of travel ban will be four times as large as that of 9/11. More here